Books About Online Genealogy Research

Some published references that are in print and may be of help to you in your online research include:

Genealogy via the Internet, Tracing Your Family Roots Quickly and Easily, Computerized Genealogy in Plain English by Ralph Roberts (Alexander, NC: Alexander Books, 1998).

Genealogy Online, Researching Your Roots by Elizabeth Powell Crowe (New York: McGraw-Hill, 1998)

Virtual Roots, A Guide to Genealogy and Local History on the World Wide Web by Thomas Jay Kemp (Wilmington, DE: Scholarly Resources Inc., 1997)

Searching for Cyber-Roots, A Step-by-Step Guide to Genealogy on the World Wide Web by Laurie & Steve Bonner (Salt Lake City: Ancestry Inc., 1997)

Genealogy Online for Dummies by Matthew L. Helm & April Leigh Helm (New York: IDG Books Worldwide, 1998)

Netting Your Ancestors. Genealogical Research on the Internet by Cyndi Howells (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1997)

The Internet for Genealogists: A Beginner's Guide by Barbara Renick & Richard S. Wilson (LaHabra, CA: Compuology, 1997, 1998).

Your Family Tree Using Your PC by Jim Oldfield (Grand Rapids, MI: Abacus, 1997)

Online Genealogy Web Links

Try these web sites to begin your online genealogy research, and to look for mailing lists, newsgroups, web pages, chat rooms, FTP sites, Telnet sites, etc:

Family Search Internet Genealogy Service

World GenWeb Project

US GenWeb Project

National Genealogical Society

State Archives - Listed alphabetically

National Archives - Genealogy Page

Federation of Genealogical Societies

Online Help with Military Research

These .PDF files are suitable for downloading that may provide many links helpful in your Military Research.

Military Research North America Colonial Wars  (1939KB)

Military Research Revolution Early America 1755-1812  (649KB)

Military Research - Buffalo Solders  (878KB)

Military Research - War of 1812  (1104KB)

Military Research - Mexican & US Civil Wars, 1846-1848, 1861-1865  (1757KB)

Military Research - US Civil War, 1861-1865  (897KB)

Military Research - Naval Records  (741.5KB)

Military Research - US WW1  (999.7KB)

Military Research - Women at War  (947KB)

Military Resource List - Finding Your Family  (875KB)

Contributed by Stuart Murray, Military Research Group

Genealogical web sites as recommended by AGS members.  All links are checked and active: (Contributed by Mike Blackledge)

URL - Link to site
Summary of Highlights
Recommended by
Godfrey Memorial Library home site in Connecticut.  A $35 annual fee entitles you as a member to full access to all genealogical records, including Census records in the Heritage Quest images, more clear than images.
Betty Lou Albright
Home site for The Master Genealogist (TMG) software package, this site also provides free downloads of useful utilities for TMG, and information on the annual Genealogy Cruise.
Betty Lou Albright
Growth of a Nation ten minute movie.  Depicts the geographic history of the United States from the beginning of the nation to fifty states. Geographic elements are interactive, as is the timeline. Pat Eker
U.S. History Timeline 1780-2010.  Scroll through the years viewing historical highlights layered by politics, territory, president, culture, technology, etc.
Pat Eker
Timeline: 1800-1860, The Triumph of Nationalism -  the Nation dividing:  from Nationalism to Sectionalism in the United States, 1815- 1850.  National Humanities Center Online Resources. Pat Eker
Search original land patents.  Karen's choice for most user friendly website:  type in a state and ancestor name to pull up a PDF (photocopy) of his original land grant, and print it out at your desktop.  Amazing!  - of course, it only works for the Public Land states, not the original colonies. Karen Jones
Overland Trail.  Includes maps, emigrant lists, drivers, personalities.  Also contains links to other trails, e.g., Santa Fe.   Karen Jones
Tennessee: County Formation Maps.  As part of the Tennessee GenWeb Project, provides the AniMap display of the change of the state's boundaries and counties from 1777 to present.  Our Genealogy Center in the Albuquerque Main Library at 501 Copper, NW, Albuquerque, NM has the entire AniMap set for the states - this gives you the opportunity to try one at your desktop. Karen Jones
With HQs in Houston, labs at the University of Arizona extracting results for you, the newly launched National Geographic "Genographic" project, companion ySearch service, family history solutions of the future are with DNA genealogy, today's cutting edge resource. Try the tutorial. Rosemary McNerney-Winkler
These are favorite links to finding your family’s immigration history if you know of clues such as ethnicity, countries of origin, and religious history. Ellis Island immigrants arrived during 1892-1954, and the Stephen Morse site simplifies your search. Nancy Greenberg
USGenNet is a web- hosting service (ISP) for qualifying historical-genealogical projects.  It lives by donations and provides free web space for genealogist organizations
Charles Barnum

New Mexico Online Research

The following links are to web sites which should be of particular interest to researchers with New Mexico family history:

New Mexico Genealogy Forum

New Mexico GenWeb

New Mexico Genealogical Society

New Mexico Hispanic Genealogy Center

Vital Records Information- New Mexico

Local Area Network at the Albuquerque Genealogy Center

The following link will aquaint you how to use the Local Area Network at the Genealogy Center in the Albuquerque Main Library at 501 Copper, NW

Local Area Network at SPL

The following link points to a web site listing Bernalillo County Cemeteries as part of the Tombstone Transcription Project

Internment Cemetery Transcription Library for Bernalillo County, New Mexico


Genealogy Search Engines

Search these online databases for your family surnames. These links to various databases on the world wide web may lead you to family pages or queries from other genealogists who are researching your family name.

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